Thursday, November 1, 2007

Matters of National Security

So it was most exciting for me to be sitting in what is my increasingly regular seat, 2C, when who rolled in to sit next to me but Phil Goff. He's a regular on the 474 out of Wellywood, and usually the last to board. Coz he's all governmental I couldn't resist nosing at what he was reading. The title page was something from the Ministry of Defence. I decided not to read over his shoulder anymore. Instead I peeked at the lady in 1E, who was doing some top level Kiwibank stuff. They compete with ANZ, my company's client...

So then, landed in the AK and rang my mate Rich, who I was planning on meeting for a beer. He's a cop and had spent the day "hanging out with Jamie Lockett's mates". He couldn't do beer. Home for an Epic Porter.

The picture is something that magically appeared on a wall somewhere. Maybe a hotel. Dunno much about it myself. Got sent it bt a friend of a friend's cousin's friend. Yup.

I looked high and low for the Rage Against the Machine cover of Bombs Over Baghdad that apparently exists to post up but couldn't find it, nonetheless, Phil & Rich, this dance is for you...
Bombs over Baghdad - OutKast
Settle for Nothing - RaTM

Also, sidebar, The plane was a 'new look' Air New Zealand plane in bright green livery: Dear Air NZ Marketing department why don't you just paint "Oh fuck, we're so scared of the competition we've decided to paint our planes bright and exciting just like them" on the side?

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