Sunday, November 25, 2007

Monkey Biz

I got super busy, making monkeys. Not more childeruns, but real fake monkeys. As demonstrated in this handy photo montage shown here. Did a trace, a print, sprayglued on borrowed Mum's jigsaw (Cheers Ma!) bought those nice thin blades – good for curves, cut, painted, repeated a few times, and then went for a walk with my monkey.

Sent him up the tree. I wasn't climbing up that high.
He's only 4, not too attached, easy to replace.

There will be more monkeys.

Want some? Sing out and we'll sort something out.



Got some trike time too, with a nice new coat of Matt White on the rim, and sprayed the pedally bit (tech-term), might get some Billet pedals made, that'd be mean. Here's how cool that front wheel is gonna look, no wonder it took so long, it's fucking ace.

I don't think I could make this post any cooler, unless it had drug references and it had Monkey songs posted up too.

Oh shit. It does!!

This here is a
Monkey Biz
zip file link I found.
It’s a sniffle under 60 meg.

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