Saturday, December 8, 2007

I got joy joy joy, down in my heart...

There's a cool song, a country one, called "If Jesus Came To Your House" it's kinda hokey country stuff. It's about forgiveness, and caring for your fellow man, and asking yourself if your living like a good christian. Some times I do, sometimes I need to sit down and have a good listen to that song.

Jesus came to my house. He was blue. I haxed Duwe stylez, coz it was cool.

Last weekend's project was refurbishing this old chair thats been sitting under the house rusting. I had stacks I bought off the preschool always planning to do something like this. I ended up giving a few to my tattooist and another friend who used them to be making some art. I finally decided to do another to match the original Max chair I made last year.

And I got some leather to do the trike seat. Currently it's being shaped to the alloy seat using my favourite sticky tape and some big bad clamps. I have some rivets somewhere in this house, I just need to find them and that bit will be done.

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