Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I haven't been posting much, but i have been doing shit. I re-assembled the front wheel of the trike, it was a prick of a job and I scratched a few of the delicious red spokes, so there'll be a bit of retouching to be done.

I also bought myself a nice big metal tool box, plain galvanised tin, so i primed that and spray painted it a nice red inside. Then added a Coop, Rat Fink and NZHRA sticker so it looks the part. It's tigerstripe primer on the outside coz that's low-key.

I cleaned up the Falcon a bit and installed a CD player and 6x9's so it can rock, but they're Fusion speakers and they have shit-tinny sound. Not ace.

And, in the break over Xmas I made those cool alien cutout's you see above. I'm making masses of them and will string them into the classic Space Invader formation and hang them on the wall. Cool. Also made the Galaga spaceship to go underneath. Designed a poster or two for a friend. Made nearly 20 litres of Spirit. Grew some Salvia.

Same old, same old.

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