Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am a distillery (and so much more).

I am most excited. I have ordered a case of bottles that'll be getting filled this weekend. Pro-steez. And just so you don't think my priorities in life are completely wrong I'd like to point out I did visit my garden this weekend, despite the rain and and can say that finally, after what seems like months, my Italian Precoce Broccoli is beginning to sprout. It is pretty, and when a little bigger I will take a photo. I also looked at the (renamed) Taupaki Bulbs site and have lined up some irises I will order if god smiles on me and all my plans fall into place regarding housing, working and living. They are rust red and blue, a most peculiar colour combo, not particularly pretty, but interesting to have. Kinda like an Edsel.

My tomatoes are all very disappointing this year. It seems that they cross-pollinated last year with My Beloved's cherry toms, so they are mid-sized and red, rather than voluptuous black orbs. I want a glasshouse.

Did I tell you my Wormwood seeds arrived? Oh yes, they did.

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