Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daily Dose of Bogan

Decided to migrate these over here.

I'm thinking, to help you all get as acely bogan as my good self I'll give you a "Daily Dose of Bogan" - An educational supplement introducing you to some key elements of bogan culture.

Today, Ladies & Gentlemunts,
The XB Falcon Coupe.
Yup, primer black too.
Some people call them hard tops. There was no soft top, so why be a dick? Call it a coupe.
The car Mad Max drove was a modified XB Falcon coupe.
There were also several XA & XB sedans used as Main Force Patrol Cars.
I have an XB Sedan.
Doesn’t make me cool though.
Owning an XB Sedan, having tattoos and fathering nothing but boys does though.
In Road Warrior the XB Coupe was modified into with 40 gallon external fuel tanks.
There was a dickie seat attached to the door for his dog, a blue heeler.
This is a GT Coupe, they ran a 351 cubic inch V8.
The cars followed the american pony car style, as pioneered by the Mustang.
It is RWD, essential for doing burnouts.
The XB was the first Falcon to introduce a disc brake front as standard. Making Burnouts even easier. And safer.
You can fit at least 8 crates of Lion Red in the boot.
You will have to inflate the air shocks to 93psi to compensate for this load.
Eric Bana has an XB coupe.
Doesn’t make him cool though.
Owning an XB coupe and playing Chopper Read does though, so he squeezes in there.
Nice one Eric.
You and me bro.

And really there’s only one appropriate track to go with that car.
AC/DC – Highway to Hell.

Rock on children

There's gonna be dancing in The Ballroom tonight...

P.s. This won’t actually be Daily, I’m far too lazy.

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