Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I was sick and did next to nothing. By next to nothing I mean, made a batch of vodka, dug out my gladioli & iris bulbs, dug out and potted my day lilies, dug out my pomegranate tree, prepped a mandarin tree for removal, ate some of the passionfruit I grew from a one foot plant into a sprawling mass that covers two water tanks, cleaned up the shed, rationalised the homebrew crates and found myself an XE Falcon ute to buy.

Please refer to this diagram to see how this will impact on my life.

I also dreamed endlessly and was visited by a friend with a project of his own. To which end I provided him with some 80% spirit and my best wishes.

Also discovered a funny, undernourished webforum; The Forum of Awesome and Manliness. I may have to subscribe.

I also had a hack at the seat but found my rivets were a little too short. No stress, better slowly and properly than rushed and ruined eh?

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