Thursday, March 13, 2008

What goes down must come up.

I had a shitty arsefuck of a day yesterday. But I’m not going to worry about that because the good news is that The Gutter Twins have finally, finally released their album. Better yet, I have it on the d/l coz SubPop is schmart and are selling it for only $9.99 online. Make it yours.

I might have also scored myself a Wilco ticket, so that’ll be nice.

I also got this ace wallpaper for my macbook via boingboing
at this place here.

See more from the guy who designed this, Dustin Hostetler, aka UPSO. I like the diamonds, they are purty and go nice with my header. I’m so fashion-relevant.

And, in the spirit of my ambitions to own that badboy falcon ute below, I’ve made a road-trip mixtape that I plan on playing as I bring it on home.
New Gutter Twins track on it.
Long roads, alone.
Killer scenery.
And I’ll probably take the Greenhornes album, Sewed Soles that I got recently too. Its some heavy grimy 60’s stylin’ but not. Might even go via the Hawkes Bay where there’s an EA wagon to check out for the wahine.

In theory those stars should be MiG’s but quick games are good ones, and quick covers, cover bases.

Here's the tracks in two parts, total of about 130Mb. 1 and 2. With a surprise bonus track.

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