Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Old Idea

This is the view from Room 12D at the Quest on Johnston St, Wellington. The view is of the HP Tower down on Featherston St. Close to the ANZ & National Bank. A fine looking tower, all mirrory and exciting. Please note that on top is a rather attractive HP Logo

Kinda like this one, but white. For ease of explanation I’ll use this to demonstrate what I’m thinking.

Voila, it’s the nightime. There's another alien! OMG! You'll notice all the little worker bees are still in the HP hive, but, it’s a bit hard to tell it’s HP coz there’s some bars missing from the sides of that neon sign up there and the ‘n’ is gone from ‘invent’
Hmmm, invent...

This shows whats missing from the neon sign...

This is a picture of a projector. You can find out all about it here.

I’d like to get a projector of some description and similar power to replace the missing bits of the neon light, ideally in a contrasting colour like red, from a neighbouring building. The one shown there is probably bigger than what we’d need but demonstrates the idea.

I reckon it’d be pretty easy to spin some PR out of it.

And every night at 12 I’d like it to flash ‘invert’ for thirty seconds.

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