Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black, Blue, Bronze, Bacon, Back.

So the ute is back, beautifully cut and polished, and with a fresh gearbox, and a new tailight, and my wallet incredibly light. Mainly due to AA insurance having a dipshit assessor who refutes that the damage done to the gearbox occurred in the crash. So I plan on writing a joyous letter to them about that.

The Bronze had a major underhaul, with the petrol tank out and treated internally with evaporust, then sanded by my young assistants, and coated in three layers of primer, then put back in. Lines need to be hooked up and all the final bits put on this weekend, then she'll have a test run on the petrol. While it was out of the way I got underneath with the rust converter and treated all the shitty surface rust on the poor old girl and replaced the diff oil. Still needs a test run but should be good. Then an exhaust and road legality testing. Good bye more money.

And to celebrate all this frickin awesome hard work and task completion and youthful achievement we all ate delicious Colonial Bacon sandwiches. Celebracon! Yum.

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