Thursday, November 8, 2007

Light Bombs

K, i stumbled across a GRL trick called throwies (LED+battery+magnet), which are pretty cool and while wandering Welly I noticed a couple of metal sculptures that could benefit from some LED light action, but, of course, with a little MiG twist, so, Ladies and Gentlemen, my variation on a theme...

So the basic ingredients are here, some 3v button batteries, some LED's and some planes I already mounted on some foamboard. Watch.

A plane, cut out and the bits. One LED, one 3v, connect the LED and masking tape it on.

Then that gets attached to the bottom of the MiG. Tidy and, thanks to the delightfully thin battery, not as bulgy as the front of my pants.

OMFG! Afterburners. Top fucking Gun!!

Yeah, Hun in the sun! Achtung! Gott in Himmel!! She's nearly ready for action. I got magnets floating around somewhere. They'll get hot glued on, coz I ain't had the hotgluegun going in a while and I really like using it.

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westaucklandwasteland said...

mad cunt. moonshine. make it. now.