Saturday, November 10, 2007

Homegrown Tomatoes

Van Morrison opens up the Fillmore West in 1970 with Moondance. It’s fast, it’s got horns and he hammers it out. Hammers. Go away old track. Don’t seem like he’s enjoying it. There’s some desperation till he remembers where the fun was, some piano. And I’m tapping some keys. And you can jump the next track, but then he’s telling the band we’re playing Crazy Love and he’s repeating it, so I wonder if the tracklist said something else? She gimme love, love, love, love crazy love.
I need her. Crazy love. Righteous. Mellow. Whole. Lord. Come a runnin to me. My still is bubbling. Made another few litres. Constant 90 and about to hit the 4 litre mark. First 100ml go down the drain. 4l water. Distill again. Another 4l. Filter 4 times. Interestingly I saw the new Diesel Alkypop being sampled yesterday in Glen Eden. I love the West. Diesel contans 4 y.o. Bourbon. And that’s better than a Woodstock – coz that stuff only hit 2 y.o. says the sampling guy. What shit. Not Old. Not Mature. Not Bourbon. My moonshine is better.

Bit of break in the concert there. These dreams of you kicks back in, all alive and warm, coz he got his faith together son!

I can’t remember where I picked up this bootleg from, but it’s ace. And, if you’re office-bound and need some music to get you through through a day, it ain’t gonna hurt you to check out Wolfgang’s Vault for their streams of classic concerts at the Fillmore, and, if youse a rich bro, buy something and whack it out as a torrentula™…

(If you love copyright issues, you’ll love…Larry Lessig – guy is guru!)

It’s too late to stop now!! You will not have a vocal chord left! Pwned. Rock my gypsy soul.

Been hitting the garden too. I planted some Gladioli last year but very few survived in the ground thru to this year due to my little friends. Got a few in pots though, so they should be ace. A couple of poppies have come thru, hopefully a Black and a Flemish Antique. And there y’all can see Theo with some Black From Tula tomato seedlings that we put into the beds we prepped up in winter. There’s something about home grown tomatoes…
Sprayed the trike in black but got waylaid in town yesterday and didn’t pick up the sand paper and fresh white to progress her.

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