Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have you had your Daily Dose of Bogan today?

I was going to write this about picking the right dog.
The right dog is the one that gets out of the sack before drowning.
It might be a Staffy/Rotty/Shepherd/Doberman/Ridgey – ideally a bit of each.
If it lacks these bloodlines it is not a dog.
It’s a fucking gerbil.
Unless you’re Mel Gibson.
In which case you can have a Blue Heeler.
And an XB Falcon.
Like me.
And Eric Bana.
The important thing about a dog is its name.
Dog is fine.
So is Caesar. Cleveland. Windsor. Rogue.
Wolf. Yes. Fang. No. Brutus. Maybe.
Cerberus? Don’t be a smarmy twat.
Dog is fine.
Eric Bana has a dog.
It could kill Mel Gibson.

Who wants to be your dog?
I wanna be your dog
Iggy Pop version
Wilco version

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