Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's your Daily Dose of Bogan!!

The classic café racer.
A classic café race involves putting a song on at your fave café, racing to a designated point and returning to hear the end of the song, with a hot espresso waiting.
Played a similar game once, involving two car dealerships, a Skyline GTR and a slightly stronger stimulant.
Vanishing Point styles.
Through Avondale.
Less Bulldozer.
Never stand up in court.
Eric Bana engages in fictitious narcotic activities.
He’s an actor.
He also has a Ducati.
5 in fact.
I shit you not.

Here’s the list.
900 Monster
RS 748 SuperSport
900 SuperSport
SP3 851 SuperBike
888 Doug Polen Replica SuperBike

I have a Ducati.
Doug Polen Tamiya Replica Edition.
Me. Eric. Tight.

Thematic music links...
Richard Thompson Vincent Black Lightning
Tracey Chapman Fast Car

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