Monday, January 11, 2010

auld lang signs

So, a bit of a pictorial update as I figure out where to next.

I'm considering posts relating to the TDO5HRA-15G off a Makinen Edition Mitsi Evolution 6.5 I have sitting under the table in the carport next to the boring standard TDO5, that'd be interesting, but only coz I've spent half the night trying to figure out what the fuck i need to do to get it onto the 4g63t block from an e39 VR4 Galant I have rusting at a friends (refer pics, unfortunately the personalised plate SCUNGE has gone).

A post about my XE Fairmont that I swapped my N14 Pulsar (Sentra GT Cup style) for? It was a literally mint wagon, but I have since sold her to a lovely guy named Willie from South Auckland.

I'm considering posts on the Ford Falcon XE ute that I now own and I have bought (but have yet to collect) the Fairmont front for.

The awesome short kiwi roadtrip through the central North Island back from picking it up (after a train ride on the Overlander down country), the first 'truck' load it carried for my sister. So many, many things.

Some housecraft type things, like a Cut Collective style wall in the boy's playroom.

The joy of spending NYE watching your six year old boys play checkers by candle light, or getting up the next day at 7am to hunt rabbits. How to skin a possum and cure the skin using your own special concoction to avoid it getting too crunchy? How not to grow tomatoes?

The joys of Tailgatin' NZ style?

I dunno, here's some pics, sorry about the formatting, blogger is an annoying cunt and I have a short attention span with no eye for detail.

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