Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kumeu to Hamilton

So the 2010 Kumeu Hot Rod and Classic Car show happened on the weekend. Oh yeah and the Big Day Out was on Friday, a big, draining weekend, so i didn't do much beyond attend things. Pretty much the highlight of the BDO was The Decemberists and Devendra Banhart, the rest of it was a bit on the meh side of life. Kumeu was also ok, I fell in love with a turboed XA Falcon wagon, running a pre-crossflow motor and a Garret T04 blowing thru the carb. Pretty sweet looking machine and for sale at what I reckon is a pretty damn cheap $9800. There was a nice arse-jacked Vauxhall Victor like my Grandad used to have, looking nice and eighties. And I snapped a shot of some weird, chopped, dropped thing. It was a weird arse looking thing, maybe started as some sort of agri or industrial vehicle. Looked cool whatever it is.

I shot down to Hamilton today and picked up a Fairmont front end for the ute so I can do a bit of a pseudo ESP thing on that. And met up with the guy I sold the Fairmont too, he's got a 302 and 4 speed in it now and she sounded good, and looked good hurtling along the road. I kinda miss that car.

Oh yeah, also finished painting the garage, put locks on it, put some posts in for the new chicken coop, went and saw The Fantastic Mr Fox and i think that was about it. Seems like enough to me.

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