Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stop. Hammerzeit

And so, you can see one very awesome double-flaring kit to suit brake tubing. I have about 4 metres worth in the ute, and this weekend i will use that, the fittings I got from the team at Sterling Brake & Clutch in Onehunga and this sweet little bitch that Tony from Repco, Grey Lynn ordered in to manufacture and lay in my own new brake lines. It may well have cost me near as much as it would cost to have them done by a pro. Maybe not, but now I have the tools and a new skill.
Ad tomorrow I am also collecting 6 sheets of grooved MDF to put a fakey roof in the kitchen of the ballroom. The grooves will make it look like it is actually T&G,then I shall use my detailing skills to dirty it up and 'freak it' (tech term that one) and appear original. I think this is what they call, in the industry, a bodge job. Mwahhahaha.

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