Monday, February 8, 2010

Hippie Hot Rodding

So I got the motor components back on last weekend, the coil got taken off and cleaned too, so with everything nice and tidy I can track down any more leaks a bit easier. I took the seat belt with the missing tab into Gemmell’s Bag Repairs (Symonds St, Newton, where it's always been...) and the guy in there stitched it up for me for nothing which was awesome, cheers bro, so that can go back in, and with the exception of the exhaust, she should be warrantable. The only thing that really remains to get her on the road is flush out the fuel tank and replace all the brake fluid, two boring and stinky/dirty jobs.

I also made a shitload of Hummus from scratch as part of my clean up the insides of the temple exercise. It was kinda fun, soaking all the chickpeas rather than using canned ones, and mixing and blending till it tasted just right. I wish I could add a recipe but I made three very different batches playing with flavours and textures. Best way to cook really, just play and enjoy it.

Oh wait, I’m so slack at posting that the above, which I wrote last Wednesday, is now out of date.
So on the weekend I got the petrol tank out, a c^#t of a job thanks to one nut on the underside spinning and it being inaccessible thanks to the fuck-ugly towbar. So I realised if I was going to do it I’d need to go balls deep.

So, the towbar is now off, a prick of a job mainly due to the fact I had to go to Repco and get a new deep socket to get the bumper irons off as the tow bar is set up between them. And the staff at Repco Henderson, with the exception of the older woman, are a bunch of retarded shits. I dared show up at 4.55 on a Saturday, covered in grease, screaming into the carpark, obviously on a mission from god, and the shitty, stumpy, but vaguely cute blonde bitch behind the counter had the audacity to speak to me in one word commands and click her fucking fingers when I got to the counter. And I was at the counter about 45 seconds after I walked in the door coz I know my way round that store pretty bloody well given how much (time and) money I spend there. Rude as fuck. Luckily their Grey Lynn branch know their stuff and have tracked down all manner of shit for me without a problem and with great service, otherwise I’d boycott Repco. Anyway, got it in the end and got home and thanks to my awesome friend (and six year old son) Vinnie I was able to get the heavy chrome bumper lined up and bolted in place in the dark of my powerless garage. And the valance panel. Sweet action.
Then we rinsed the guts off the possum skin we've been tanning, it's soft as anything on the back, i think thanks to my propriatry blend of curing paste - olive oil, baking soda and then a dash of vinegar, followed by a few weeeks of caking with salt. Nice and soft but holding the fur in.

And then I made Eye Fillet steak sandwiches for the boys for dinner, featuring my homemade Hummus.

I also painted the battery clamp in Ford Blue, only because some guy is charging $30 for them on trademe s it must be worth looking after. Fucked If I’m paying that to replace it. I also cleaned the blistering rust off the fuel tank sender unit which will hopefully work sweek when I’ve resoldered the pipe back in it’s rightful spot. See the before, can't be arsed adding the after but have faith it is sweet like your mamma.
Is that it? Oh, I also got the fantails stencilled onto the wall in Son Number 1's room, they need some detailing added, but you get the idea.

Ummm, also tracking down a brake tube flaring tool (via Repco Grey Lynn, not Henderson) so I can replace the lines on the Falcon that had rtusted to the point of bursting. So will be bending and rerouting them when I get that sorted. Putting in the cleaned petrol tank (although not essential as it runs on LPG sweet). Is that all? Oh yeah, making a yum Vege Risotto or the boys lunch tomorrow because I am a fucking ace dad.

Very fucking busy.


Brumby said...

The fantail stencils are cool, real cool, they could look good on canvas, or as part of an soft furnishings range. Lets chat to discuss partnership at some stage yeah?

Mike Shadow said...

did you know I don't get notified about comments?

I am too lazy to do anything commercially, you know this, all talk, no action.