Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am a little slower

I've been busy/lazy. Lots of little things but nothing big and worth adding, I did the brakes on the XE Ute on the weekend, just in time, straight forward, I should go pro. I was gonna write a "How To" but I got my hands dirty and stuck into it and forgot. I also started flickring my photos. If you're into photos. I only have a cellphone camera, luckily it's a Sony and cybershots have always done me good. Oh yeah I also went to watch the Classic Racing at Hampton Downs with 2 of my small spermgrowths, where my friend Adam was racing his Mk 1 Escort. All my friends drive Fords. Being a lame cameraless cunt I took no pics. I should bite the bullet and buy one eh?

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