Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the Go slow

I have done little lately, i put some mags on the Battletruck, had some bitch crash into the front of it and decommision the reverse gear in the gearbox. Now I'm waiting on AA Insurance to get their shit together so she's sitting forelornly in the drive way at The Ballroom. I got inspired to make some Ginger Bee. I got the Brewcraft kit,, which is nothing like I remembered and seems like nothing more than a can of malt extract and a flavoursachet. i gues sthe proof will be in the bottle in a month or two. I lack motivation to write. This is all.

Oh yeah, I forgot I went to Beach Hop 2010 at whangamata, so if you want to see pics of awesome hot rods, rat rods, and other V8 stuff, check out my flickr page

Yeah, and I did a stencil of those fantails. And I gave someone the design for a tattoo, pics when it happens.

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Brumby said...

Don't you wish you had a Nan who makes awesome ginger bee(r) and could get a receipe from her?