Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, since you asked

I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck I am up to this weekend. Good question. I should, in theory make those brakelines happen, I have straightened all the line, so all it;'ll take would be some commitment and use of the DOUBLE flaring kit I bought, and some time. I should do that. And then, I guess I also have the next project; I picked up some EPS (Expanded Polystrene or somesuchshit, might not be EPS) but basically it's the foam from the packing of a new Mac monitor I got from my dear friends in the digital department. I'm gonna cut it, shape it a bit, make it hold a speaker that'll fit into a tight spot in my XE Falcon ute, and then bog it and fibreglass coat it and make it awesonme. But first the XB. I may've even found a new fuel sender unit, as it turns out the one I cleaned up is too shagged to be reused. Hmmm, sux but good. Oh, and I plan on getting my basic handling skills cert via riderskills. I even got a Matt Black Helmet with an iridium lens. I'm so badass it hurts your mum. Ask her. Go on, ask her.

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