Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking up some cool shit

The notion of putting a roof over your kids' heads is all very well, the reality of putting an actual roof, or ceiling to be accurate, over a child's head is slightly different, nonetheless took a swing at it on the weekend.

And so, in the accompanying photos you'll see the original roof from when we moved in through to where it is about now. From the ripping and removing of about a hundred years of crap, some dodgy seventies cover-up renovation, some rewiring and installing of some flash new lighting and some aligning of lines that show up every bow and curve in a saggy old cottage. I actually neglected to take a shot at the end of the day, as i was not neglecting a well-earned beer but basically it looks fucking awesome. Big ups to my sister for her brains and logic.

And, you will see, that the brake line dilemma has been resolved, I now have two reasonably straight lengths of line ready to be bent into position.

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