Monday, January 25, 2010

Works in Progress

Being overwhelmed by motivation on the weekend, and stuck inside due to the rain, I decided it'd be a good day to take apart the fuel pump on the XB, it's an A.C. with a glass bowl that I could see was gunky as. I'd also found it was leaking, pumping gas on the side of the motor, which I've heard is a bit dangerous... So I took it off to replace the gasket, and the alternator, which I'll get to, and set about dismantling it. Which I did, I'd thought it was just a gasket that needed replacing, so it was kinda exciting to find that the inside had no gasket. So I opened the manual. Which I should've done much, much sooner. It's a diaphragm, not a gasket. So after the 'oh shit' moment I pulled it all to pieces and scrubbed the shit out of everything, planning to get the parts today. So it's not that easy finding a diaphragm for a 1974 Falcon. I tried the usual places and finally managed to track one down via this place - Basis. It's going to take a day or two to arrive but the guy I dealt with was really helpful, a nice change after the muppets at Repco.

And, so, the alternator is a Bosch one, one of the three or four you might be lucky enough to find on the pre-cross flow Falcons. Having learned my lesson with the fuel pump I opened and read the manual on disassembly. I just wanted to clean off the grease and get it looking tidy. Which was straight-forward and then i got stuck into the re-assembly, all straight forward until I didn't read the reassembly guide. Genius. Managed to snap off the brushes. So new ones are also on order. And so I'll be learning to solder...

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