Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's on the Ute?

Someone I know has this thing on their blog called "What's on the Mannequin", coz that's what they do, sew things, so in their honour today I am having "What's on the Ute" - One of the joys of having a ute is it can carry all manner of crap, and it's easy, you pick it up and throw it in. Sweet. Especially sweet when you see something you want, for example a stack of alloy tread plates from a scaffolding set-up that'd be damn handy ramps if you, say, wanted to put a motorbike in the tray of your ute one day... Sweet. Thanks Mr. Side-of-the-road-scaffold-leaver-guy!

I also finished the Falcon petrol pump rebuild, looks purty and will be bolted on during the weekend, exactly when I'm not sure as I'm off to Pukekohe for the Classic Racing on Saturday and working Sunday. Who knows. Look at those pictures. Sweet action.

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