Thursday, February 25, 2010

Internal Dialogues

So, I've been quietly musing the brake line saga in my head as I still need to, and want to get it done. The lines from the shop are coiled for transport and i've been trying to figure out how to straighten them for rebending and refitting. I toyed with the idea of skateboard wheels to roll it between and then it occured to me today. Get a Bit of 2x4 and put a hole through it about the same diameter as the external diameter of the pipe, a touch smaller, then pull the coiled pipe through it, in theory, straigtening it. If it doesn't work get two pieces of 2x4. This is my theory. I have practised the flaring on the spare length I have. I can do it.

I have also sold the big flash tdo5hra turbo off the VR4 to fund a rebuild of the original unit. Realistically I can't afford to tweak it like a bitch at the moment, so if i can at least get it on the road I'll feel like I've achieved something. Too many cars. Once it's on the road I'll probably flick it, or at least swap it for a motorbike.

Or maybe a bike and motor so I can build something like this...

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